Monday, 28 June 2010

Tutor Group Notices: Monday 28th June

  1. Year 12 now will be called year 13!
  2. Today everyone MUST BE IN LESSONS AT ALL TIMES! If you happen to be free at 10am and 12pm, you can join us for lunch in the canteen and break in the LRC.
  3. You are ROLE MODELS all day. if your dress code is at all questionable you will get sent  home.
  5. BALL- money is being sent off today. Money still needs to be raised to cover costs. Please see Charlie and Amber for some ideas to raise some within the next two weeks.
  6. Punctuality to lessons and attendance is important. All pupils should be going to all subjects even if they THINK they will be dropping something. No one knows until results are through.
  7. Well done to all of those who organised and played in the football game against year 12 on Friday. It seemed to be a real success.

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