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All tasks must be completed by the first lesson in September

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Travel & Tourism

Research the following view of women from the 19th Century:

‘Angel in the House’ (Patmore, 1854)

  1. What does Patmore mean?
  2. How is this view typical of the 19th Century?
  3. Is this a postive or negative view of women? Explain your answer.
  4. How doe sthis view link to this work of art:  Womans Mission: Companion of Manhood by George Elgar Hicks, 1863?

1. try to visit the Natural History Museum in London;
2. Read five articles in the National Geographic;
3. Prepare for September by reading one of the texts on the reading list.

 Research and write out information on the five psychological approaches to be studied during your course:  Cognitive , Behavioural/Learning ,  Biological,  Evolutionary, Psychodynamic.  You need a minimum of a page for each and you should not copy or paste.

 Music Performance:

-A short performance, played on an instrument or sung. It might be an original song you have written, or an existing piece of music. You may wish to self-accompany, e.g. sing and play guitar.

-Write a self-evaluation of your current strengths and weaknesses on your instrument/voice and show how you could go about improving your skills and knowledge.

Music Tech:

Research and create a presentation giving details on microphones. This should include microphone types eg dynamic, condenser, ribbon,boundary and what the following means: polar pattern; frequency response; sensitivity. Show the microphone type and positioning that you would use for the following instruments: Drum kit, acoustic guitar, cello, solo singer, choir.