Friday, 18 June 2010

My experiences of university... Mr Paige (English Teacher) @ University of Essex

Where did you go?
University of Essex

Why did you make that decision?
I measured up the number of UCAS points I was expected to get with the Times ranking of the university and chose the best university with the points I had available.
I went to visit the university and really likes the feel and atmosphere of the campus

What was the area like?
The University is in the town of Colchester which has a large shopping centre and has very good night life. The Campus has lots of bars and social areas and a very strong sport and society emphasis.

What were the good points?
1 hour from london
Excellent Student Union
Good lecturers and student support.
Small Campus based university with a good social aspect
International campus with students from many different countries.
Relatively cheap campus accommodation and local rental prices for the second and third year

What were the limitations of that university?
Not London based
Small so you don't get many big acts coming to the Student Union

Overall comments/experiences.
Essex is an excellent rated university with good facilities and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I have lots of friends from other countries who I see often and have stayed with in the past who I only met as the university recruits a lot of students from overseas. The accommodation, tutorials and lectures are all on one campus so you don't need to travel into town very often and this saves bus fare. Also, as the university is only an hour trip to London you can easily go home and take your washing with you!

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