Monday, 28 June 2010

Sociology work: Week commencing 28th June

1. What is the difference between crime and deviance? Give an example to highlight each word.

2. Which of the following acts are deviant? Explain why: stealing a bottle of milk from a doorstep, drinking a can of lager in the park, taking paperclips home from work and smoking cannabis on the bus.
3. Give two examples of acts which are against the law but which are not usually considered as deviant?
4. Give two other examples of deviant acts which are not against the law.
5. Give two examples of acts in your school which would be considered deviant by a) the pupil b) the teacher.
6. Is the same act always deviant? Consider the following: carrying a gun, shooting a person, setting fire to someone’s drink or pudding and spraying CS gas in someone’s face.
7. Find three recent articles in the media related to crime. Outline briefly the main message of the article.
8. Do you agree that a person could be born a criminal? Discuss in detail.

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