Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My experiences of university... Ms. Beer @ Roehampton Univeristy and Christchurch University

Where did you go?
Roehampton University and Christchurch University

Why did you make that decision?
I got the 'right' feeling when I went on a taster day to that university. It was very green but close to a major city. I went to Christchurch for my teacher training because it was my home town and I knew there were good schools i would be place in.

What was the area like?
Roehampton has the perfect location. It is situated right by Richmond Park and is only a bus ride away from Wimbledon, Putney and Richmond. It is very posh! Canterbury is a lovely city with great shops, restaurants and lively bars.

What were the good points?
Nightlife for both.
They are both small universities so you had a real community feel.
Both are 1 hour from London
The summer balls were the best in the country in 1998!!!
Excellent job opportunities e.g. being able to work at Wimbledon and meet hot tennis players!

What were the limitations of that university?
Roehampton was an expensive area for a student to live in. The campus was spread out and so you may have to travel depending on your halls and your course.

Overall comments/experiences.
Roehampton may not have been the highest ranked university but I had an amazing time there. Wherever you go, it is what you make of it that is important! I had great lecturers, interesting courses and made amazing friends. I spent many a summer by the river in Richmond or at the tennis in Wimbledon. We also used to go out regularly in Leicester Square and Putney.
Canterbury was where I grew up so it was nice to return for a year and be close to my friends and family. It was harder to make friends as I did not live in halls. However, I was lucky to have my school friends in the area. Canterbury's a great area with lots of facilities. Definitely consider this if you want to move not too far afield but not be in London.

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