Friday, 18 June 2010

Student of the week

Other Students who have achieved Student of the Week:

Elliot Wright - for excellent progress in all his subjects and a sustaining a really good attitude to work.

JAY JERVIS- Jay has done incredibly well studying 4 subjects and CSLA. He has managed to survive with such a heavy workload and achieve highly! Well done Jay

LAUREN SCOTCHER- For consistent hard work and excellent attendance since September. Lauren has also played a big part in supporting the community by getting actively involved in charity events e.g. the beauty night.

SAM DOONA- For a massive improvement to his work ethic in the last week. Also Sam took part in a sponsored silence to raise money for the sixth form ball.

NICOLA SMITH and GEMMA GIBSON For their organisation and commitment to charity events

SAM MONTGOMERY - Sustained commitment and hard work shown in helping support a year 8 tutor group. Sam also helped organise and sell tickets to the year 8 disco which raised over 100 pounds for Haiti Earthquake sufferers.

JESSICA WRIGHT - For great improvement in Media. Jessica is now exceeding her target grade and is aiming for an A grade.

For his excellent organization and contributions to our charity event.

For excellent contributions to every charity event the sixth form have run.

CHELSEA FULLBROOK and JAKE SAUNDERS - For being excellent representative for the sixth form at all different school events.

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