Monday, 28 June 2010

YR12 SUMMER TASKS - Are you ready for September?

Prospective yr12 students may be required to complete tasks during the summer holidays. All tasks will need to be completed by the first lesson of the new term.
Click on the subject to find out your task


Science Enrichment

Artistic students needed to put up existing work for display and make it look make it look visually pleasing. Please contact Ms. Thompson in the Science dept


Students must visit the National Gallery and choose one painting. They must write a catalogue entry for their painting including information on the artist, subject matter, materials and influences. They must then display a replica of the artwork and the accompanying text in an unusual space. This must be documented ready to critique in September.

Tutor Group Notices: Monday 28th June

  1. Year 12 now will be called year 13!
  2. Today everyone MUST BE IN LESSONS AT ALL TIMES! If you happen to be free at 10am and 12pm, you can join us for lunch in the canteen and break in the LRC.
  3. You are ROLE MODELS all day. if your dress code is at all questionable you will get sent  home.
  5. BALL- money is being sent off today. Money still needs to be raised to cover costs. Please see Charlie and Amber for some ideas to raise some within the next two weeks.
  6. Punctuality to lessons and attendance is important. All pupils should be going to all subjects even if they THINK they will be dropping something. No one knows until results are through.
  7. Well done to all of those who organised and played in the football game against year 12 on Friday. It seemed to be a real success.

Sociology work: Week commencing 28th June

1. What is the difference between crime and deviance? Give an example to highlight each word.

2. Which of the following acts are deviant? Explain why: stealing a bottle of milk from a doorstep, drinking a can of lager in the park, taking paperclips home from work and smoking cannabis on the bus.
3. Give two examples of acts which are against the law but which are not usually considered as deviant?
4. Give two other examples of deviant acts which are not against the law.
5. Give two examples of acts in your school which would be considered deviant by a) the pupil b) the teacher.
6. Is the same act always deviant? Consider the following: carrying a gun, shooting a person, setting fire to someone’s drink or pudding and spraying CS gas in someone’s face.
7. Find three recent articles in the media related to crime. Outline briefly the main message of the article.
8. Do you agree that a person could be born a criminal? Discuss in detail.

Thursday, 24 June 2010



Overview of task, Reading List and Summer Task (click here)


Course Information (click here)
Mathematics Preparation Questions (click here)
Sample Exam Questions (click here)


Potential AS students need to ensure that they know all the harder vocabulary and grammar constructions form GCSE. Therefore do the following:

a) Go to Linguascope
b) Go to 'Intermediate'
c) Click on each topic (1 at a time)
d) Go to 'Materiales para imprimir'
e) Choose the first of the 2 (the worksheet that has all the exercises on) and print and complete.

There are 30 topics and 30 worksheets in all. I would like all students to have these completed for September. They should use dictionaries and also the 2nd of the 'Materiales para imprimir' which have the vocab from each topic. In addition to this, they can also do all the exercises and play the games for each topic.


This task IS for Summer 2011!

Potential students on the either of the 2 BTEC Music courses should prepare EITHER:

A short performance, played on an instrument or sung. A backing track may be used if desired. It might be an original song you have written, or an existing piece of music. You may wish to self-accompany, e.g. sing and play guitar. You may borrow a school instrument or microphone to perform, but you should check in advance that it is available.


A short composition, produced using music production software, e.g. Garageband or Logic Pro on a Mac, or Fruityloops or Cubase on a PC. The file must be brought in either as an MP3 or as an audio CD. You may use pre-made loops and samples. If you do not have access to appropriate software, instead create a DJ set of 4-6 songs and be prepared to explain why you have chosen the music and why, in your opinion, it works well as a set.


Performance - Write your musical CV

Production - Research studio equipment and do a costing for this


  • Create a simple website (2 pages at most) using Dreamweaver. There should be the use of consistent house styles, interactivity and hyperlink system

  • Create a simple animation (30 seconds) using Flash

  • Use complex functions (if statements, H lookup, V lookup, Countif, Count) to create a simple spreadsheet system for a small restaurant

  • Create a relational database with at least 3 tables  for a library system. This should also include the use of complex query systems, macros and forms


If you sign up to Slideshare you can download the document

Monday, 21 June 2010

Tutor Notice Monday 21st May

  • Can we please ensure that the Common Room is kept clean and tidy
  • Thursday 24th June - 6th Form Conference is taking place you will not have timetabled lessons
  • WATFA Tickets now on sale more info click here
  • Alice Tickets now on sale - for more info click here
  • Students attending LCC Game Plan Summer Programme click here

Sunday, 20 June 2010

LCC - Game Plan Summer Programme

See below the list of students that are taking part in the Game Plan Summer Programme here at the London College of Communication.

Each student will have received/are about to receive a letter in the post, an email and a text message regarding the Programme.

Students must let LCC know if they are unable to attend as they have a waiting list from other schools.

Week 1 – Monday 28th June – Friday 2nd July
Week 2 – Monday 5th July – Friday 9th July

Abbi Granger - Photography (Week 1) 
Camilla Price - 3D Interior/Spacial Design (Week 1) and Surface Design (Week 2)
Danielle Simpson - Photography (Week 2)
Robyn Lidsey - Photography (Week 1) 
Tommy Coulter-Liston - Film & Video (Week 1) and Digital Animation (Week 2)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Student of the week: Week ending June 18th

ANIMATED STAR DIVIDER Pictures, Images and Photos

Student of the week

Other Students who have achieved Student of the Week:

Elliot Wright - for excellent progress in all his subjects and a sustaining a really good attitude to work.

JAY JERVIS- Jay has done incredibly well studying 4 subjects and CSLA. He has managed to survive with such a heavy workload and achieve highly! Well done Jay

LAUREN SCOTCHER- For consistent hard work and excellent attendance since September. Lauren has also played a big part in supporting the community by getting actively involved in charity events e.g. the beauty night.

SAM DOONA- For a massive improvement to his work ethic in the last week. Also Sam took part in a sponsored silence to raise money for the sixth form ball.

NICOLA SMITH and GEMMA GIBSON For their organisation and commitment to charity events

SAM MONTGOMERY - Sustained commitment and hard work shown in helping support a year 8 tutor group. Sam also helped organise and sell tickets to the year 8 disco which raised over 100 pounds for Haiti Earthquake sufferers.

JESSICA WRIGHT - For great improvement in Media. Jessica is now exceeding her target grade and is aiming for an A grade.

For his excellent organization and contributions to our charity event.

For excellent contributions to every charity event the sixth form have run.

CHELSEA FULLBROOK and JAKE SAUNDERS - For being excellent representative for the sixth form at all different school events.

G15 Awards Scheme and Ceremony

G15 will be coming in next week to talk to you about this great scheme!

How to save £100bn: Audience tickets

An ex-student of Welling School Ellis Knowles is currently working for Mentorn Media who are holding a live studio debate.

How to Save £100 Billion
Channel Four are looking for an audience to take part in an eve of Budget Dispatches Debate called How to Save £100 Billion.

A series of radical tax and spending proposals that could address some of the £156 billion budget deficit will be put to a live audience who will then be given a chance to comment, ask questions and vote on each option.

The ideas range from putting VAT on food and children’s clothes, to cutting benefits, ending child benefits for the middle classes, tor charging to see your GP. It’ll be asking the audience to come up with their own money saving ideas for the government.

The programme will be recorded in the Roundhouse Camden on Monday evening on 21st June - Arrival time 5.30 – 6.00 p.m. The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH

Given the logistics of seating a large studio audience, it is very important that the audience arrives on time.

Tickets are free – for details please email or call 020 7258 6703 (Ellis Knowles direct)

Online Driver Education

e-learning for learner drivers
a²om is changing the way you learn to drive, by giving you a head start before you even get to sit behind the wheel. Our state-of-the-art software will help you get a lot more out of learning to drive and in turn give you a much better understanding of how to stay really safe when you take to the road. It will also help you be a better passenger!

The harsh facts are that 1 in 5 novice drivers will crash in their first year and around 1,000 young drivers will die each year on UK roads. A quarter of those charged with causing death by dangerous driving are under 25 and more than half of the passengers killed/seriously injured in crashes are young people. These a²om modules will help you to protect yourself, your friends and other road users.

Based on scientific research these modules will help you understand the influence that your attitude and behaviour will have on your safety whilst in a car and will help you
advance the way your brain reacts to scenarios you may face on the road.

FIND OUT MORE click here
FOR DEMO click here
FOR VIDEO click here


My experiences of university... Mr Paige (English Teacher) @ University of Essex

Where did you go?
University of Essex

Why did you make that decision?
I measured up the number of UCAS points I was expected to get with the Times ranking of the university and chose the best university with the points I had available.
I went to visit the university and really likes the feel and atmosphere of the campus

What was the area like?
The University is in the town of Colchester which has a large shopping centre and has very good night life. The Campus has lots of bars and social areas and a very strong sport and society emphasis.

What were the good points?
1 hour from london
Excellent Student Union
Good lecturers and student support.
Small Campus based university with a good social aspect
International campus with students from many different countries.
Relatively cheap campus accommodation and local rental prices for the second and third year

What were the limitations of that university?
Not London based
Small so you don't get many big acts coming to the Student Union

Overall comments/experiences.
Essex is an excellent rated university with good facilities and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I have lots of friends from other countries who I see often and have stayed with in the past who I only met as the university recruits a lot of students from overseas. The accommodation, tutorials and lectures are all on one campus so you don't need to travel into town very often and this saves bus fare. Also, as the university is only an hour trip to London you can easily go home and take your washing with you!

Attendance since September

  1. Mrs. Killington - 96.49%
  2. Mrs. Raji - 95.30
  3. Mr. Vankoningsveld - 95.28
  4. Mr. Hewitt - 93.44
  5. Mr. Elmslie - 92.84
  6. Mr. Cartwright - 91.40

Attendance: Week Ending June 11th

DRUM ROLL PLEASE............

100% FIRST PLACE TO................ Mr. Elmslie, Mr. Cartwright and Mrs. Killington !!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!
Mr. Hewitt - 95.24
Mr. Vankoningsveld - 94.74
Mrs. Raji - 93.42

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Gap year anyone?

City Year London is an independent charity, but is based on City Year, a successful American programme which was established in 1988 and which now operates in 20 cities in the United States and in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are recruiting 50 young Londoners, from all backgrounds, who will volunteer as tutors, mentors and role models. Each corps member will receive living expenses of up to £100 per week, and be eligible for a Citizens Service Award of up to £1,000 to use for future education or employment opportunities.

We’re keen to spread the word. It is a fantastic, life transforming opportunity for young people, and a chance to make a real difference to the lives of children in disadvantaged areas of our city. There’s more information available at:  

Do let me know if you have any questions.

Sophie Livingstone
Chief Executive
City Year London
t: 020 7239 8288
m: 07850311179

My experiences of university... Ms. Beer @ Roehampton Univeristy and Christchurch University

Where did you go?
Roehampton University and Christchurch University

Why did you make that decision?
I got the 'right' feeling when I went on a taster day to that university. It was very green but close to a major city. I went to Christchurch for my teacher training because it was my home town and I knew there were good schools i would be place in.

What was the area like?
Roehampton has the perfect location. It is situated right by Richmond Park and is only a bus ride away from Wimbledon, Putney and Richmond. It is very posh! Canterbury is a lovely city with great shops, restaurants and lively bars.

What were the good points?
Nightlife for both.
They are both small universities so you had a real community feel.
Both are 1 hour from London
The summer balls were the best in the country in 1998!!!
Excellent job opportunities e.g. being able to work at Wimbledon and meet hot tennis players!

What were the limitations of that university?
Roehampton was an expensive area for a student to live in. The campus was spread out and so you may have to travel depending on your halls and your course.

Overall comments/experiences.
Roehampton may not have been the highest ranked university but I had an amazing time there. Wherever you go, it is what you make of it that is important! I had great lecturers, interesting courses and made amazing friends. I spent many a summer by the river in Richmond or at the tennis in Wimbledon. We also used to go out regularly in Leicester Square and Putney.
Canterbury was where I grew up so it was nice to return for a year and be close to my friends and family. It was harder to make friends as I did not live in halls. However, I was lucky to have my school friends in the area. Canterbury's a great area with lots of facilities. Definitely consider this if you want to move not too far afield but not be in London.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Learning Support Enrichment

This is a very busy time in the Learning Support Faculty and we have a lot of opportunities for working with students in the school. Anyone interested in working with us in a number of different ways, please contact Mrs Crane  or Mrs Jones  and we will find the right area of interest for you. Alternatively, please see Mrs Davis (SEN Admin Office) and we will get in touch with you.

Volunteers needed for sports events

1) Team Superschools - Friday 9th July 8.15-11.15
During Periods 1 & 2 all Year 7 Pupils will be participating in a large fitness circuit lead by Christian Malcolm (GB Athlete & 5th in 200m in Beijing). We will need volunteers to help set up and to help run the session with Christian.

2) Partnership Games - Wednesday 30th June 1.30-6.30
Over 400 Primary Pupils will be involved. The event will be held at Hurstmere School and will be organised as a 'min-Olympics'. Welling will be in charge of the Boccia event. I will require volunteers to score, officiate and assist the pupils. Volunteers will be taken to the event by Mini-Bus and returned back to Welling.

We are looking for at least 10 volunteers for each event.

Please see Mr. Loizou in the P.E. Dept

Drama Enrichment

There is lots to do in the drama department.

Organising costumes and scripts, creating inventories etc.
Any help very welcome!

Construction and Land and Environment Enrichment

We have college students on a Monday and would appreciate some help with these students in Construction and Land and Environment.

Se Ms. Cameron

ICT and Business Enrichment

General tidying and sprucing up display boards

See Mrs. Doyle


LRC Enrichment

I am trying to ‘spruce up’ the LRC Careers section that has all prospectuses and other info on UCAS, Careers advice, interview and job information. Any students that can be spared, can come and see me and give a hand

See Ms. Forde in the LRC

Media & Film Enrichment

Position: Media/Film Dept general assisstant
Hours: Flexible
Pay: Nil (although tea and biscuits may be provided on occasion)

Are YOU good at tidying, organising, errand-running and generally doing what you're told? Do you love the Film and Media team and want to earn some extra brownie points from them? Would you prefer to fill your spare time NOT working with the little 'uns? Then this is the job for you!

Position: Year 8 Moving Image classroom assistant
Hours: Friday periods 1 and 2
Pay: Nil (unless you count the deep sense of satisfaction you'll get from helping little kiddies)

This position involves helping out in the classroom with Ms Tyler-Maher/Ms Gordon during year 8 lessons. The students will be planning and making films so knowledge of film-making (ie a film or media student) would be beneficial.

Applications to Ms Whittaker, E18 or email whittakerl@welling.bexley.sch

More voluntary opportunites

Volunteer Charity Shop Assistant & Sorter Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice
Scouts - 17th Erith Scout Group
Tea Bar Volunteer at Erith and District Hospital

Youth Volunteer Thamesmead YAP is looking for volunteers to support the work of this valuable project. Volunteers will assist with running training sessions alongside tutors, this includes courses on drug/alcohol awareness, DJ workshops and music sessions and health awareness.

Summer Reading Challenge Champion - Erith Library
Tasks include:
To encourage children and young people to join and complete the challenge.
To talk to children and young people about the books they have read.
To give out rewards.
To complete accurate paper and database records.

Danson Youth Trust Support Volunteers

Bingo Caller for friends of the Atrium

A volunteer bingo caller is required on Mondays and Thursdays 2pm-4pm for a small community group for people aged over 50. (Thamesmead)

Click here for more info

Afterschool/ Holiday Children's Club helper @ Smiley Ark Kids

Volunteer is required to help with the running of this afterschool club in Belvedere. The volunteer will work alongside the children playing games, assisting with arts and crafts etc. The club runs from 3.00pm - 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 2.00pm-6.00pm on a Friday. If possible the volunteer would also be required to assist with some holiday activities which would be from 8.30am- 5.30pm

Smiley Ark Kids sessions are run in Belvedere Baptist Church, Belvedere

Click here for more info

Friday, 11 June 2010

Taster courses for universities part of The University of London

Taster courses are on at:
  • Goldsmiths
  • Queen Mary's
  • UCL
  • Royal Holloway
  • Westminster
  • Middlesex
  • London College of Music
  • South Bank


If you still have any equipment that belongs to the Media and Film Department, can you ensure that it's returned A.S.A.P.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Kingston University Online Open Day

Oxbridge Day at Beths Grammar School


Please click here and here :)

Assembly notices: Thursday 10th June

  1. BALL is going ahead. Spread the word, get more people to pay.
  2. Invites for teachers- this can only happen if we are there
  3. Attendance needs improving if you are going to be absent please call or email
  4. Dress code needs to improve to avoid implementation of complosury 6th Form uniform - more so for yr13
  5. Enrichment - everyone should be undertaking an enrichment activity, more important now for UCAS applications
  6. Prefects- assembly to prepare and induction days 28th and 29th June
  7. All lessons begin next Monday= you are with us in P2 for registration and first hour.
  8. Choices next year can not be guaranteed

Extendend Project: Meeting Monday 14th June

Monday 14th June, Period 2, Room: E111

You must choose which one is best for you. There will be different workshops running on these times by different staff. If you can not make any of these, please tell Miss Beer asap.

Each pupil also needs to see their mentor and arrange an initial meeting to discuss the aims of the project. This must be done by Tuesday and Miss Beer needs to know the dates of when you have arranged to meet.






Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Staff vs 6th Form Charity Match

MEETING TODAY @ 3.15 in E114

Changes to History A Level

As you will have no doubt recently heard, there will not be an A2 History group running at Welling School following completion of the AS course. In the current financial climate it is simply not viable to run two small groups in the same subject when the opportunity to combine them is available.
Fortunately, History A2 will run at Bexleyheath School in the same option block so you will be able to continue with this subject and complete the full A Level.
Click here for more info

UCL Family Discovery Days

UCL is running a series of free activities in July and August for both young people and their parents/carers. These fun and interactive sessions are a great way to learn and discover something new together.

Regional Student Consultants £15,000

The opportunity attached may be of interest to students leaving school that have had exposure to student leadership development work

The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) is looking to appoint student consultants to promote the Specialist School and Academies Trust’s leadership and innovation work with schools around the country by visiting schools/colleges and representing the SSAT at local, national and international events. You will be a team player who enjoys running workshops, giving presentations and who possesses strong organisational skills. Key duties will include facilitating and running workshops and conferences, writing case studies, designing training materials and visiting schools to identify innovative practice.

This is an exciting and rewarding position, which requires an individual who has excellent organisational skills, an ability to prioritise their workload, work well under pressure and cope with conflicting demands.

See letter below and click here for Job Description

Saturday, 5 June 2010

How good are you with money?

Going away for uni can be hard with regards to finances, see if you know the real cost

Earn extra UCAS points

Amendment: This course is no longer valid for UCAS points, the work book is still very useful

This workbook is designed to support you in making it to university by giving you an idea of the sorts of things you need to consider, and telling you where to look for further information. It contains activities and exercises, as well as guidance notes that will help you to think about, apply to, and prepare for Higher Education.
There is an additional benefit of the workbook – passport points. You earn 10 passport points for each action of the workbook you complete. if you complete all three sections, you receive an additional 10 points. This means you could earn up to 40 points! MORE INFO