Monday, 19 November 2012

Le Cordon Bleu - hospitality training

Le Cordon Bleu are the world's leading provider of hospitality training. They run an extraordinary scholarship scheme aimed at people with limited means who wouldn't normally have the chance to study their most prestigious course, Le Grand DiplĂ´me, in London. The prize is worth over £30k and comes with accommodation in central London and the chance to study with a leading chef.

They aren't looking for people with previous experience, just people with a passion for cooking or the hospitality industry. It's open to 17-20 year olds so they are targeting schools and colleges.

There are more details here:

Ravensbourne College

On the 20th-21st November, we're holding Penrose Festival - a celebration of creative student-led businesses in design, production, technology, and digital skills. 400 students will be exhibiting their work and selling their products, to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skill and creative talent. Running alongside this on Wednesday 21st, we are holding a number of free short courses, aimed exclusively at pre-UCAS students who may want to learn how to improve their showreel, or how to perfect their performance in an interview. There are a number of places still available, and we'd love to have as many people as possible attend. It would be a great opportunity for them to see the college, chat to our students, get better prepared for university admission and learn a new set of skills.

You can book places via this link: (
Or book onto our launch event on the 20th here: (

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Contribute to the blog

If you have anything that you would like to contribute to the blog please email Mrs. Raji

Have you been to an open day yet?

Click the link below to find out what open days are happening and when. You are strongly advised to book a Saturday open day as you will not be guaranteed to get the day off from your lessons

University of London Open Days

The University of London Open Days for undergraduate Students are taking place next week on Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 September 2012. All welcome to attend. Further details at

Tom Hyatt's Report on his Neuropsychology course: The Brain @ University College London

Taking up opportunities to attend university open days and summer courses will open up your mind to the possibilities of going to university and also provide you with some real experience that you could comment on in your personal statement.
Below is Tom Hyatt's experience of taking up one such opportunity.
In the spring term I was made aware of a new and exciting opportunity being run by UCL Horizons – in the summer term. The application process was a little daunting at first, knowing that there would only be 15 places available for this years’ course. I had to write a 600-word summary of why I would have been the ideal candidate for the course, and why I wanted to attend. This then had to be sent off directly to UCL with a reference from Miss Beer, and within two weeks my place was confirmed. The University is a very welcoming place, with all tutors and general admissions staff being approachable and helpful.
The course ran every Wednesday evening for 7 weeks at the University itself. The timing of the course allowed students to experience what travelling to and from UCL was like, on a normal working day. Each week I learnt about a different area of the brain through: visual, practical, group, and independent tasks. In the first session, I was given a topic to research and present to the rest of the group on week 7, which was to be done in my own time. I had to create a 10-minute oral presentation (visual aids were allowed) and write a 1600 word essay on my topic – of which I chose eyewitness testimony. I found the cerebellum and the prefrontal cortex the most interesting as they contribute to so many unique functions, that a human being performs on a day-to-day basis. I would strongly recommend anyone that’s thinking of applying to go for it. Throughout the course I picked up and improved many other skills alongside knowledge of the brain; meeting new people, speaking in front of large groups of people, essay writing, and advice on what makes the perfect UCAS statement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would recommend it to any Year 12 hoping to go into psychology/neuropsychology in the future.

Sunday, 8 July 2012



We have opportunities for work placement available that your students may be interested in. At this time we are aware that many sixth form students are looking to secure work placements for the summer and we would like to offer them an opportunity to train with us.   St Mary's Accounting Services is a lively forward thinking firm of Chartered Certified Accountants in South East London, and we were a finalist at the National Council for Work Experience Awards in March 2012.

We are providing a SAGE LINE 50 COMPUTERISED ACCOUNTS TRAINING & ACCOUNTING WORK PLACEMENT in August 2012, that is geared to equip students with the necessary practical skills to complement their educational courses, assist with their UCAS points and enhance their employment skills.

We ran a similar program last summer, in which 16 sixth form students from three different schools attended the training and work experience session with our firm which gave them vital practical experience in using Sage 50 accounts software, and accounting duties in the real world. Enclosed is a feedback form which details the comments provided by the students and the common comments provided by their professional mentors within our organisation.

The programme will provide them with the following benefits and more:
•   Certification on completion of course & references attainable
•   Gain hands on experience & employment skills
•   A supportive framework that will help with any questions
•   Guidance on how to break into the job market and into the Accounting field
•   Trained by Chartered Certified Accountants, with experience in the working field

This programme is a tailored package which includes 2 days training in the computerised accounting software at a discounted rate of £150, and 2 weeks work placement for FREE.
The students will also have an opportunity to be put forward onto an Accounting or Business Admin..Apprenticeship programme. Apprenticeship programmes are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience, where the apprentice will earn as they learn as well as gain practical skills from the workplace.

Should you have any questions, or would like to express your interest, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Naughten at  or on 02072529331.

Monday, 25 June 2012


All tasks must be completed by the first lesson in September

Click on the subject


Critical Thinking 

Contemporary Politics

Media & Film (all levels)



English (letter)
English Literature
English Language

Business Level 2
Business Level 3



Travel & Tourism

Research the following view of women from the 19th Century:

‘Angel in the House’ (Patmore, 1854)

  1. What does Patmore mean?
  2. How is this view typical of the 19th Century?
  3. Is this a postive or negative view of women? Explain your answer.
  4. How doe sthis view link to this work of art:  Womans Mission: Companion of Manhood by George Elgar Hicks, 1863?

1. try to visit the Natural History Museum in London;
2. Read five articles in the National Geographic;
3. Prepare for September by reading one of the texts on the reading list.

 Research and write out information on the five psychological approaches to be studied during your course:  Cognitive , Behavioural/Learning ,  Biological,  Evolutionary, Psychodynamic.  You need a minimum of a page for each and you should not copy or paste.

 Music Performance:

-A short performance, played on an instrument or sung. It might be an original song you have written, or an existing piece of music. You may wish to self-accompany, e.g. sing and play guitar.

-Write a self-evaluation of your current strengths and weaknesses on your instrument/voice and show how you could go about improving your skills and knowledge.

Music Tech:

Research and create a presentation giving details on microphones. This should include microphone types eg dynamic, condenser, ribbon,boundary and what the following means: polar pattern; frequency response; sensitivity. Show the microphone type and positioning that you would use for the following instruments: Drum kit, acoustic guitar, cello, solo singer, choir.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Apprentice Support Workers

Look Ahead Housing and Care are recruiting
Apprentice Support Workers

Click here for more information

BrightStart School Leaver Programme

There are many students who are not applying to university this year - some want to avoid paying the rising tuition fees, others want to kick-start their careers, and some students want to earn a competitive salary whilst working for a top firm. If this sound like you then we have a brilliant opportunity for you...

Leading professional firm Deloitte would like to invite you to apply for the BrightStart School Leaver Programme. They are looking for ambitious students who have an interest in business and finance, and are on target to achieve 300+ UCAS Points, to join their growing team of 13,000 people.

Click here for more information

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Arrangements for Erith School for 30th March and 16th April, 2012

Friday, 30th March
Periods 1 and 2 will run as normal and students will be dismissed shortly afterwards.  Welling students are expected to remain at Welling school for the remainder of the day.  Erith students are also expected to still attend lessons at Welling.

Monday, 16th April 
Lessons at Erith will start Period 3.  If Welling students have lessons at Erith during that time they need to register as usual at Welling and use Periods 1 and 2 for study time   

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

LSBU Summer Law School

Summer Law School
View more documents from Welling School Sixth Form.

Click here for application form

US Summer School for State School Students

For the first time ever, Pure Potential have teamed up with the Sutton Trust and the US-UK Fulbright Commission to run an exciting new Summer School programme for bright state school students who are interested in US study. The initiative aims to widen the pool of talented UK youngsters studying in America, so that the brightest can take advantage of the incredible opportunities on offer over the Atlantic.

The programme is centred around a one-week summer school hosted by Yale University, where 64 students will have the opportunity to experience student life at a top US institution. Students will also attend two residential trips in London, both before and after the week in Yale to support them in making a high quality application to the US.

All costs – including travel and accommodation – for the programme will be met by the Sutton Trust.

The scheme is aimed at bright, committed young people who are seriously interested in studying in the US. We will be looking for candidates who meet the below criteria.

• Are in Year 12 in state schools or colleges
• Have achieved 8 or more A* or A grades at GCSE or equivalent
• Are from non-privileged homes with combined household incomes below £40,000 a year
• Have a strong reference from a teacher or advisor
• Hold UK citizenship

Application and deadline
Students will need to complete an online application form which must be supported by a teacher reference. The deadline for all student applications is Monday, 16th April. Further details about the application process, as well as the programme can be found on the Sutton Trust website:

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Imperial College London - courses

Year 12 G&T revision Master Classes: 11th and 12th April 2012
These half day Master Classes are for students about to sit their AS Level exams. Students pick either Maths, Chemistry, Biology or Physics for the day and will study alongside academics and university undergraduates.
Please see for more information and to apply.
Cost: Fully funded for eligible students. Please see for details on eligibility.

Summer Schools

STEM World Summer School 2012
2nd - 26th July 2012, ages 11 to 17, Residential or Non Residential
The STEM World Summer School welcomes Gifted & Talented students from the UK and across the world to Imperial College London to study at this world-class research institute for one to four weeks. Each week students select a different project strand; they will spend the week investigating the field and conducting experiments and at the end of the week they will give a presentation to their families and peers to show what they have learned. Subject strands for 2012 are confirmed as: Astrophysics, Advanced Engineering, Which Engineering?, Engineering – Haptic Technology, Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Forensic Science, Intermediate Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Robotics, Intermediate Maths, Advanced Maths.
Please see for more information and to apply.
Cost: One week non residential £325+VAT, one week residential £800+VAT.

Sutton Trust Year 12 Summer School 2012
14th - 17th August 2012, Residential
The Sutton Trust Summer School welcomes Gifted and Talented Year 12 students from across the country to stay with us and study one of the following strands: Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering, Computer Engineering and Chemistry. Each strand has been created to stretch the capability of each student on the course. Academic mentors and subject leaders are keen to support individual progression to stretch even the brightest student. All subject content is aimed at Level 1 undergraduate standard and teaching is provided in the same style as it is to university undergraduates.
Please see for more information.
Cost: Fully funded by the Sutton Trust

Young Scientists Summer School 2012
20th - 24th August 2012, Years 5-8, Non Residential
This summer school aims to increase participants' knowledge of science, help them to discover some of its real life applications and inspire them to continue to investigate the sciences. Students pick from one of the following strands to study for the week: Robotics, Kitchen Chemistry, Science Sparks.
Please see for more information and to apply.
Cost: £325+VAT.

Back to School Courses
Triple Science Course 2012
18th - 19th and 20th - 21st September 2012, Year 11, Non Residential
These two day courses for Year 11 students will give them a great kick start to their final year of GCSE study. Students will undertake half day workshops in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as study skills and career guidance sessions aimed at encouraging aspirations toward Higher Education and continued study of STEM subjects. Topics covered will complement classroom learning by providing hands-on practical learning with equipment, materials or a range of tuition not easily accessible in schools.
Cost: £95+VAT for a two day course.

A Level Master Classes 2012
25th and 27th September 2012, Year 13
Our A Level Master Classes are half-day workshops in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and aim to support final year studies towards A Levels in these subjects. Students will explore topics to extend their knowledge of the syllabus studied at college through engaging activities supported by undergraduate mentors in their subject specialism.
Cost: £18+VAT per half day workshop.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Greenwich University - Create It Summer School


Assessed Chemistry Practical Lab Session for A2

SOAS History Summer School

UCL English Department Summer School

The UCL English Department Taster Course offers you the chance to sample the variety of modules that make up the undergraduate English degree at UCL and many other top universities. These modules include the following:

  • What is Literature?
  • Post-Modern Literature
  • Modernist Literature
  • Literature and Film
  • Victorian Literature
  • Romantic Literature
  • Early Modern Literature
  • Old English
  • English Linguistics
Each module is tailored to develop transferable skills necessary for university study in any discipline. The modules will also show you specifically how English is studied at university.

Other activities will include a tour of UCL and some of its facilities, and the opportunity to ask a panel of graduate students about university life and the English Department. In the late afternoons, after core modules have ended, various field trips and film screenings will be offered as well.

You need only bring to the course your critical thinking skills, your creativity and your interest in English language and literature.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Subject Taster Days

These Subject Taster Days are open to high achieving Year 12 girls who are potentially interested in and capable of studying at the most academically challenging universities. The aim of these days is to give prospective candidates a first-hand taste of what it is really like to study a particular subject(s) here at Cambridge.

1st March: Human, Social and Political Sciences (a new subject beginning in 2012-13, combining Politics, Psychology & Sociology with Archaeology & Anthropology)
2nd March: Geography
6th March: Classics and Philosophy
7th March: Architecture, Engineering, and History of Art
16th March: English and Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic

There are just 40 places available on each Subject Taster Day, and every school is invited to submit the names of up to four top students for consideration, for any – or all – of the days. You are welcome to add a ‘reserves’ list in case we have spare places, but please make it clear who are the ‘first choice’ students, and who are the ‘reserves’. We would expect them to be aiming for A*s and As at A Level (or 40 points in the International Baccalaureate) but, knowing these exams are yet some time away, we leave it to your discretion to select the most appropriate students.

The deadline for nominations is 10th February to allow ample time for confirming places, but we recommend early applications.


As part of the Cambridge Science Festival, Newnham is hosting its own Science Open Day for Year 12 girls from 10:30am-4pm on Saturday 17th March. This day will be ideal for any year 12 girl who is considering applying to read Natural Sciences, Computer Science or Engineering, with activities including keynote lectures, demonstrations, laboratory and science museum tours, events organised in college and a chance to ask lots of questions throughout the day.  

Again, places are limited to FOUR per school/college.


This year Newnham is holding a special mathematics open morning on the same day as one of the Faculty of Mathematics Open Days. Newnham undergraduates will be giving tours of the College, and participants can join Newnham Mathematics students and staff for lunch, before going on to visit the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.  In the afternoon, the Faculty will organise a series of short lectures intended to give sixth formers an idea of what it is like to study mathematics at a high level. 
Again, please note that places are limited to FOUR girls in Year 12 per school/college.


Masterclass Series at the University of West London

We have a number of places still available at our annual Masterclass Series at the University of West London, due to take place during February and March.  The Masterclass Series welcomes first-year sixth form and college students, and this year we are offering:
- Accounting and Finance: Learn to trade like the pros (FULL)
- Airline and Tourism Management: Destination Europe (PLACES AVAILABLE)
- Applied Sound Engineering: Make your room sound better (PLACES AVAILABLE)
- Computing: Linux in your pocket (PLACES AVAILABLE)
- Civil Engineering: Tunnelling into the future (PLACES AVAILABLE)
- Forensic Science: Science in crime scene investigations (PLACES AVAILABLE)
- Psychology: Conformity and obedience (PLACES AVAILABLE)
Full information, including a downloadable brochure (with important booking information) and booking form can be found at

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Residentials @ Lancaster University

The opportunities below and other that will be posted on the blog will allow year 12 students to start taking part in activities that will allow to write a substantial UCAS statement.

The are free (students will just need to get themselves to and from the residential) and for year 12 and allow students to follow one subject here at Lancaster for 4 days...

Science, Technology, Medicine and Maths
Lancaster University      26 – 29 March 2012
Subjects to include Bio-Medicine; Computing; Environmental Science; Geography Maths & Statistics and Medicine

Social Sciences and Management
Lancaster University      10 – 13 July 2012 July 10th – 13th July 2012:- Social Sciences and Management
Subjects to include Economics; Law & Criminology; Management Science; Politics, Sociology and Strategic Management

Both Residentials will offer students an ideal opportunity to spend four days here on campus studying their chosen subject at a top 10 UK University. The residentials are FREE for students who meet our widening participation criteria and who you believe would benefit from the intensive introduction to academic life at Lancaster.

To qualify students must be:

-          A Year 12 student  of equivalent
-          Taking a level 3 qualification

They must also be either:

-          Part of the ‘Aimhigher cohort’ as was at school/college – to be confirmed by school/college
-          First in the family to enter HE (All those students who’s parents did not attend full time University from 18)

-          A looked after child
-          Have a disability

To book a place on our residential students must complete the booking form which can be downloaded from our website and return this to the following address:

UCL February 2012 Workshops

Sundance Short Film Competition Workshops

Sundance Short Film Competition Workshops - Saturday 21st January 2012

Workshops taking place this Saturday at Ravensbourne (North Greenwich - next to the O2 Arena).  Anyone welcome aged 14+, to book a place please do so using the link below:
Make your winning 'Story of Our Time'! As part of the Sundance London Short Film Competition launched by Greenwich Council and Ravensbourne, a day of short filmmaking workshops will take place on January 21st.  

The one day workshops will consist of two complimentary sessions:
i) Writing, Directing and Producing: the Creative Process 
ii) Short Filmmaking on a low/no budget. 

Ever wondered, as a writer, director, or editor, how to get the best out of your actor's performance? Or how to turn that buzzing idea into a coherent story, that leaps from storyboard to delivery? What can you do with the tools at hand, and how can you shoot a compelling story just using your mobile phone, digital camera and free software? How would you use the grammar of film to make a scene come alive? 
Award-winning film industry professionals show you how, sharing their insider knowledge and techniques, and their own experience of treading the short film festival and competition route.
In the spirit of independent film making, these workshops are aimed at anyone with an interest in making short films, at people who enjoy shooting moving image and are considering making and entering their first short film for competitions and festivals. 
All ages are welcome, with school age attendees, and 18+ at separate time slots. It is recommended you bring a mobile phone or digital camera capable of recording moving images. 

Location: Ravensbourne (Floors 1 & 4)
Time: 10 - 5. One hour lunch break
Cost: Free. Booking required, first come first serve.

Further information:
Sundance London Short Film Competition:
Sundance London Film & Music Festival: