Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tutor Group Notices: Wednesday 7th July

The following students will need to see Ms. Forde for a quick chat about UCAS personal statements, as she will be working with them one to one, to make sure that they are starting to draft their personal statements.

1.       Molly Baxter
2.       Gemma Banham
3.       Nancy Campopiano
4.       Tommy Lister- Coulton
5.       Georgia Covill
6.       Laura Debourde
7.       Gemma Gibson
8.       Caroline Gittens
9.       Abigail Granger
10.   Emily Heath
11.   Annie Hopkins
12.   Kirstie Houghton
13.   Sam Marchant
14.   Harry Mills
15.   Hayley Morris
16.   Aimee Rawlinson
17.   Sophie Fitzsimmons
18.   Jason Summerfield
19.   Nicole Wenden
20.   Jessica Wright
Those listed need to meet with Ms. Forde next week on Tuesday 13th July at 9.15am in the LRC

Any of those that are not able to make that day, need to go and see Ms. Forde the following morning

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