Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My experiences of university... Mr. Hanes

where you went?  I never went to 6th Form when I was younger - I was not really an "academic" and only really passed CSE's and at a "E" grade equilivant. At 16 I followed my creative pathway and went to the London College of Furniture.  I took "A" Level qualifications in practical subjects for the next 4 years and then took a HND Course in Production Management.  This turned into a Degree course which I completed in a year. (and it nearly killed me!)

The second degree was at Greenwich University - Avery Hill, Eltham.  This is where I took my Teaching Degree.

why you chose there?  LCF - It was the best at the time for practical work.  It was a short train journey away and after the first 3 years - some great friends.
Greenwich - as a student, I was living close to the place and in fact I could walk there - great bonus when you have limited money.

what you enjoyed?  The whole practical experience was just the best.  We had the latest computerised production equipment and I was allowed to be very creative.  I was able to develop my knowledge of CAD and CAM and took additional courses in these systems.

what you studied? LCF - Traditional and modern construction for furniture.  Machinery for Production, BTEC Diploma in Furniture Design and Manufacture, HND Production Management which led to a Degree in Furniture Production Management.  Greenwich - BEd in Teaching Technology.

any negatives /positives of that uni  Negatives - money.  Commuting to London.  For the second degree, I was able to live close to the place so money was not such an issue.  The work load - too much....
Positives - I taught the college lectures how to use much of the machinery when I was at the LCF, great social activities, freedom to be creative.

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