Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My experiences of university... Ms. Green @ The University of Western Australia

where you went?
The University of Western Australia (UWA).
why you chose there?
It is generally the best regarded university in Western Australia (there are 5) and had lots of flexibility in the units I could take.
what you enjoyed?
Meeting people from lots of interesting backgrounds both socially and through my studies. I was also very active in running student groups and was on the student union council and ran the environment department.
what you studied?
I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do once I left school so I enrolled in a general Bachelor of Arts degree as it gave me more flexibility in first year than a Bachelor of Science. In first year I studied psychology, philosophy, creative writing, anthropology and geography. I loved the geography units so much I ended up completing my honors in it. The geography units I did included- biogeography, urban and rural development, soil science, international development and geographical information systems. I also did a number of ethics units as they wouldn't let me do pure geography units.
I chose to complete my Graduate Diploma of Education at UWA as well because I really liked the programe and did a major in Studies of Society & Environment and a minor in Information Technology.
any negatives /positives of that uni
UWA has a very active on campus life and I made lots of friends who I'm still close to even now. I still see a couple of my lecturers even when I go back. It's also really well regarded and I found it was looked favourably on by employers when I left university.

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