Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My experiences of university... Mrs. Doyle @ Greenwich University

I went to Greenwich Uni, only two Uni's did the course I wanted to do; marketing communications, now you can do study this course at almost any Uni. I picked Greenwich as it's course leader was the man who set up and started this course plus he was the CEO of one of the top five advertising agencies in the world. He was a legend in the advertising world.

I loved Uni and would go back in time and redo the course in a flash, I found the first year very easy, thanks to working hard on my business studies a level, which meant I had lots of time to socialise and make a lot of friends 5 of home I am still good friends with even though they are travelling the world and working for brands like L'Oreal. We quickly became friends as we realised that a lot of first year students did not care and slowly began to drop out.

I made some extra cash by tutoring in the first year, a lot if uni students have no study skills. The second year was odd as our class sizes had halved due to lots of people failing, this year went far too quickly, I also
noticed that the lectures were getting to know us by name now.  The third year was the hardest but also the most fun students who were on a year at work came back, one of them was the student bar manager, that
made for some cheap night outs. We also went to a pub on campus and the lecturers also use to enjoy us for lunch and drinks, of course it was always tea.

I finished Uni with a 2:1, gutted as I missed a first by less than 1%, I think my only regret was not getting a slightly higher mark in my dissertation, but I got over that pretty quickly.

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