Sunday, 16 May 2010


To take PEE to the next level- you need to look at PEE for each counter argument. So you need to make a point, give evidence and then explain it. However, you then need to argue against that point give evidence and explain it. Do this for the following 10 points (remember evidence must be specific detail or a sociologist’s viewpoint- Not your waffle!)

1. The family is universal.
2. Industrialisation led to a change in relationships between family members?
3. Marriage is now an unpopular choice for those in their twenties.
4. The family is patriarchal.
5. Children’s rights have increased in the last 50 years.
6. Divorce is an easy option for couples since 1996.
7. The family supports capitalism.
8. Co-habitation is preferred as an option instead of marriage.
9. The family has two main functions.
10. The nuclear family is in decline.

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