Tuesday, 27 September 2011


1.                 Halloween Party- payments by Friday. Plus ones need to go through Miss Beer or will not be permitted.
2.                 Deposits by Friday- £5. Please support. Very few people now, not given them in. Please ‘do your bit’
3.                 Do not leave the buliding at  unauthorized times. There will be  SPOT CHECKS
4.                  dress code- concern raised
5.                 Any Year 12s who are interested in being a prefect, please come to a meeting in the sixth form common room at 8.15am on Thursday.
6.                 HE/FE surgery- under 10 people have replied. Please get your slip in to us asap!
7.                 You can not drop subjects now. It is too late to change. Any concerns need to be raised with the subject teacher, department head and then Mrs. Gordon-Smart

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