Monday, 20 June 2011

Assembly Notices

020 8304 8531 This number should now be saved to your phones it is imperative that you all call this number to advise us if you are going to be absent or late. Communication is key! Absent letters will be sent if no contact is received by 10am or we have had to chase you up. If you do not want a letter, then be more organised and communicative.

Final two weeks of school- different workshops happening. We need reply slips back if you wish to come on the two uni taster trips and farm day is compulsory.

No holidays should be taken at any point in term time. It will be unauthorised and will affect your attendance figure.

No one can drop a subject now. It is essential to wait for the results before you put all your eggs in one basket.

New subjects- Year 12 get priority, then Erith, then year13/14 students. Please remember this. If you are interested in a new subject, please speak with your tutor or Miss Beer.

HE EVENING Tuesday 28th June - IT IS COMPULSORY. Registers will be taken.  You need to return your slip letting Miss Beer know how many places you would like please.

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