Thursday, 28 April 2011

Assembly Notices

  1. FASHION SHOW in aid of trip to Zambia- please see Mrs Killington if you would like to model and if you would like to come and watch . £5.00 price of tickets- its in two weeks time.11th May
  2. Take Me Out- next Wednesday- please come and support!
  3. UCAS Trip- meet Elsa just outside main school office quietly at 11am. If you are not there, we will go!
  4. Year 12- in every day and as soon as exams are finished A2 start. Day off before the exam, that’s it!
  5. Year 13- MUST be in PSHE next Tuesday- last session with Mr Allen and myself. Few missing this week, please all be there next week or it wont be the last session!
  6. Tuesdays from after next week- year 13 come in only for their lessons. Tutors will mark year 13 as B.
  7. Any year 13 doing 2 arts – from next week, they only need to come in for their exams and for their lessons. Please can tutors mark as B.
  8. All other year 13s remain in school at all times until week before ½ term- Monday 23rd May 2011
  9. Wednesday 6th July-2pm year 13 leavers assembly
  10. Thursday 7th July- Summer Ball- money needed asap!
  11. LCC- Summer school for year 12- keep a look out
  12. O2 summer school- all correspondence should now go direct to you, not to EBeer first.
  13. Absence- been around the 91% mark. Should be 100% now unless there really is an issue

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