Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sundance Short Film Competition Workshops

Sundance Short Film Competition Workshops - Saturday 21st January 2012

Workshops taking place this Saturday at Ravensbourne (North Greenwich - next to the O2 Arena).  Anyone welcome aged 14+, to book a place please do so using the link below:
Make your winning 'Story of Our Time'! As part of the Sundance London Short Film Competition launched by Greenwich Council and Ravensbourne, a day of short filmmaking workshops will take place on January 21st.  

The one day workshops will consist of two complimentary sessions:
i) Writing, Directing and Producing: the Creative Process 
ii) Short Filmmaking on a low/no budget. 

Ever wondered, as a writer, director, or editor, how to get the best out of your actor's performance? Or how to turn that buzzing idea into a coherent story, that leaps from storyboard to delivery? What can you do with the tools at hand, and how can you shoot a compelling story just using your mobile phone, digital camera and free software? How would you use the grammar of film to make a scene come alive? 
Award-winning film industry professionals show you how, sharing their insider knowledge and techniques, and their own experience of treading the short film festival and competition route.
In the spirit of independent film making, these workshops are aimed at anyone with an interest in making short films, at people who enjoy shooting moving image and are considering making and entering their first short film for competitions and festivals. 
All ages are welcome, with school age attendees, and 18+ at separate time slots. It is recommended you bring a mobile phone or digital camera capable of recording moving images. 

Location: Ravensbourne (Floors 1 & 4)
Time: 10 - 5. One hour lunch break
Cost: Free. Booking required, first come first serve.

Further information:
Sundance London Short Film Competition:
Sundance London Film & Music Festival:  

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