Sunday, 22 May 2011

BBC documentary

Educated and out of work? Up for hire?

The BBC is looking for young talented people between the ages of 18-24 who are desperate to find work. The producers have approached Prospects to see if we can help find participants to be filmed in July and August, for a documentary.

Producer Miles Carter said, “I really think this project will be great, not only to create awareness for young people but also for employers. We are looking for people who are talented, educated and out of work.”
Participants will benefit from intensive training and a chance to undertake real work experience, with the possibility of a job at the end. The documentary will then be shown to an invited audience to introduce a live debate, and representatives from Prospects will be asked to attend. The programme will be supported by a dedicated website where we can post information.
The producers are looking for young people from all parts of the country with many different experiences and backgrounds, who can answer yes to these questions.

• Are you a school leaver or graduate, unemployed for over a year?

• Would you like 40 years of career experience in four weeks, and the chance of a real job at the end of it?

Miles adds, “This exciting new series aims to give individuals with potential a genuine opportunity to find the right employer and start a new career”.

If you know a young person aged 18 - 24 who meets the criteria and might like to take part,
please contact Love Productions on 020 7067 4837 or email:

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