Monday, 4 October 2010

Assembly: Monday 4th October

  1. THANK YOU for all the help on Open Day. Please ensure your name is on the list if you took part. I have got most names but there were one or two of you that did not sign the list and deserve recognition too!
  2. Please check your options. Few people have dropped options. We must get this right!
  3. PSHE TOMORROW- Mr Chat’s class go to room as normal. All of Year 13 go to the LRC. The rest of year 12 please head to the hall at 8.45am tomorrow to help guide year 6 parents around.
  4. Quiz night this Thursday- please come and support.
  5. CITY WALK- Please see me briefly today. Sonal Rabadia and Michael Selby are reserves. Unless I call you tonight, you will not be needed.
  6. Skills for London and Southbank trips are now closed. It is too late to give in your forms.
  7. Christmas Ball-promises made to hand in money. …… by Wednesday please. Extra tickets will now be sold at Bexleyheath  so there’s no chance of getting them the week before now.
  8. Absence- please e mail early/phone and leave message FOR MISS BEER. Please also e mail subject teachers.
  9. Trips- not needed for every trip. Prioritise. Some are free , some are not!
  10. Common Room- keep it tidy.

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